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# Copyright Contributors to the Pyro project.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

import copyreg
import operator
import warnings
from functools import reduce
from weakref import WeakValueDictionary

import funsor.ops as ops
from funsor.util import broadcast_shape, get_backend, get_tracing_state, quote

Domain = type

class ArrayType(Domain):
    Base class of array-like domains.
    _type_cache = WeakValueDictionary()

    def __getitem__(cls, dtype_shape):
        dtype, shape = dtype_shape
        assert dtype is not None
        assert shape is not None

        # in some JAX versions, shape can be np.int64 type
        if get_tracing_state() or get_backend() == "jax":
            if dtype not in (None, "real"):
                dtype = int(dtype)
            if shape is not None:
                shape = tuple(map(int, shape))

        assert cls.dtype in (None, dtype)
        assert cls.shape in (None, shape)
        key = dtype, shape
        result = ArrayType._type_cache.get(key, None)
        if result is None:
            if dtype == "real":
                assert all(isinstance(size, int) and size >= 0 for size in shape)
                name = "Reals[{}]".format(",".join(map(str, shape))) if shape else "Real"
                result = RealsType(name, (), {"shape": shape})
            elif isinstance(dtype, int):
                assert dtype >= 0
                name = "Bint[{}, {}]".format(dtype, ",".join(map(str, shape)))
                result = BintType(name, (), {"dtype": dtype, "shape": shape})
                raise ValueError("invalid dtype: {}".format(dtype))
            ArrayType._type_cache[key] = result
        return result

    def __subclasscheck__(cls, subcls):
        if not isinstance(subcls, ArrayType):
            return False
        if cls.dtype not in (None, subcls.dtype):
            return False
        if cls.shape not in (None, subcls.shape):
            return False
        return True

    def __repr__(cls):
        return cls.__name__

    def __str__(cls):
        return cls.__name__

    def num_elements(cls):
        return reduce(operator.mul, cls.shape, 1)

[docs]class BintType(ArrayType): def __getitem__(cls, size_shape): if isinstance(size_shape, tuple): size, shape = size_shape[0], size_shape[1:] else: size, shape = size_shape, () return super().__getitem__((size, shape)) def __subclasscheck__(cls, subcls): if not isinstance(subcls, BintType): return False if cls.dtype not in (None, subcls.dtype): return False if cls.shape not in (None, subcls.shape): return False return True @property def size(cls): return cls.dtype def __iter__(cls): from funsor.terms import Number return (Number(i, cls.size) for i in range(cls.size))
[docs]class RealsType(ArrayType): dtype = "real" def __getitem__(cls, shape): if not isinstance(shape, tuple): shape = (shape,) return super().__getitem__(("real", shape)) def __subclasscheck__(cls, subcls): if not isinstance(subcls, RealsType): return False if cls.dtype not in (None, subcls.dtype): return False if cls.shape not in (None, subcls.shape): return False return True
def _pickle_array(cls): if cls in (Array, Bint, Real, Reals): return cls.__name__ return operator.getitem, (Array, (cls.dtype, cls.shape)) copyreg.pickle(ArrayType, _pickle_array) copyreg.pickle(BintType, _pickle_array) copyreg.pickle(RealsType, _pickle_array) class Array(metaclass=ArrayType): """ Generic factory for :class:`Reals` or :class:`Bint`. Arary["real", (3, 3)] = Reals[3, 3] Array["real", ()] = Real """ dtype = None shape = None
[docs]class Bint(metaclass=BintType): """ Factory for bounded integer types:: Bint[5] # integers ranging in {0,1,2,3,4} Bint[2, 3, 3] # 3x3 matrices with entries in {0,1} """ dtype = None shape = None
[docs]class Reals(metaclass=RealsType): """ Type of a real-valued array with known shape:: Reals[()] = Real # scalar Reals[8] # vector of length 8 Reals[3, 3] # 3x3 matrix """ shape = None
Real = Reals[()] # DEPRECATED
[docs]def reals(*args): warnings.warn("reals(...) is deprecated, use Real or Reals[...] instead", DeprecationWarning) return Reals[args]
[docs]def bint(size): warnings.warn("bint(...) is deprecated, use Bint[...] instead", DeprecationWarning) return Bint[size]
@quote.register(BintType) @quote.register(RealsType) def _(arg, indent, out): out.append((indent, repr(arg)))
[docs]def find_domain(op, *domains): r""" Finds the :class:`Domain` resulting when applying ``op`` to ``domains``. :param callable op: An operation. :param Domain \*domains: One or more input domains. """ assert callable(op), op assert all(isinstance(arg, Domain) for arg in domains) if len(domains) == 1: dtype = domains[0].dtype shape = domains[0].shape if op is ops.log or op is ops.exp: dtype = 'real' elif isinstance(op, ops.ReshapeOp): shape = op.shape elif isinstance(op, ops.AssociativeOp): shape = () return Reals[shape] if dtype == "real" else Bint[dtype] lhs, rhs = domains if isinstance(op, ops.GetitemOp): dtype = lhs.dtype shape = lhs.shape[:op.offset] + lhs.shape[1 + op.offset:] return Reals[shape] if dtype == "real" else Bint[dtype] elif op == ops.matmul: assert lhs.shape and rhs.shape if len(rhs.shape) == 1: assert lhs.shape[-1] == rhs.shape[-1] shape = lhs.shape[:-1] elif len(lhs.shape) == 1: assert lhs.shape[-1] == rhs.shape[-2] shape = rhs.shape[:-2] + rhs.shape[-1:] else: assert lhs.shape[-1] == rhs.shape[-2] shape = broadcast_shape(lhs.shape[:-1], rhs.shape[:-2] + (1,)) + rhs.shape[-1:] return Reals[shape] if lhs.dtype == 'real' or rhs.dtype == 'real': dtype = 'real' elif op in (ops.add, ops.mul, ops.pow, ops.max, ops.min): dtype = op(lhs.dtype - 1, rhs.dtype - 1) + 1 elif op in (ops.and_, ops.or_, ops.xor): dtype = 2 elif lhs.dtype == rhs.dtype: dtype = lhs.dtype else: raise NotImplementedError('TODO') if lhs.shape == rhs.shape: shape = lhs.shape else: shape = broadcast_shape(lhs.shape, rhs.shape) return Reals[shape] if dtype == "real" else Bint[dtype]
__all__ = [ 'Bint', 'BintType', 'Domain', 'Real', 'RealsType', 'Reals', 'bint', 'find_domain', 'reals', ]